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Anemone Mixed (Anemone Coronaria) pre packed x15

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Anemones are a wonderful addition to your garden providing beautiful bright splashes of colour in Spring. Anemones grow to a height of 30cm and look amazing when they are mass planted either in the ground or in a pot. They also make a great cut flower.

POSITION: Full sun, with protection from strong winds.

SOIL: Ideally grown in soil that has been enriched by digging in blood and bone and animal manure or compost one month earlier, providing a fertile free draining soil that still has good moisture retention.

PLANTING: Plant bulbs (corms) in March - May at a depth of 5cm, fingers pointy end down. Anemones benefit from being mass planted

WATER: Water in well and keep soil moist but not wet.

FERTILISING: Along with good soil preparation, Anemones like a liquid fertiliser applied fortnightly.

PEST AND DISEASE: Slugs and snails love Anemone so don’t forget to put out appropriate controls. Mildew can be a problem in warm humid weather if needed an appropriate fungicide will help.

LONGEVITY: Anemones can be left in the soil for up to two years but are best treated as an annual or Bi-annual as the corms start to deteriorate after this time.