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Hyacinth Blue (Hyacinth Orientalis) Pre packed x 10

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Hyacinths are bold sumptuous and particularly striking when grown in pots or as a small group in the ground. Spring flowering.

POSITION: Full sun to part shade. Avoid hot spots in the garden.

SOIL: Hyacinths like growing in cool moist fertile soil that has had animal manure, blood and bone or poultry manure pellets worked into the soil about one month earlier.

PLANTING: Plant bulbs in April - May at a depth of 12cm and a spacing 12cm. May also be planted in a pot.

WATER: Water in well after planting. Avoid over watering, Hyacinths respond well to occasional deep watering rather than regular light watering.

PEST AND DISEASE: Snails and slugs

LONGEVITY AND AFTER CARE: In cool areas Hyacinths can stay in the ground but in areas that have wet hot summers we recommend lifting the bulbs. After the foliage has turned yellow dig up the bulb allow to dry and dust of excess dirt then store in a dark cool dry well ventilated place, they can be stored in paper or mesh bags and hung or placed on trays.

NOTE: In warm areas of Australia Hyacinths may need pre chilling 6-8 weeks before