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Strawberries- Red Gauntlet X10 (Fragaria x Ananassa)

$15.00 inc GST

Currently out of season

Available May- July

Certified Strawberry runners

Sold in bundles of 10

A scottish variety that has been grown in many areas of the southern parts of Australia for its excellent high yields.This plant is very hardy with resistance to fungus diseases.It is always very productive but needs good culture conditions and feeding.Fruit size varies through the cropping season and is medium/large to very large andsmall towards the end of the harvesting season.The fruit is regular with a beautiful shiny bright red colour.It is fairly resistant to handling and suitable for quick freezing.The flesh is reasonably firm, not very juicy, pink & not very sweet, rather tart and aromatic.


NOTE: Strawberries are only sent out in the post Monday- Wednesday