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Sweet Potato, Beauregard First Generation , 1 per pack (Ipomoea Batatas) x 1

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Available October - November-

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Beauregard: 1st Generation Sweet Potato x 1 pre pack

Pink to Orange Skin and Flesh. Roots are moist and potato sweet. High yield Resistant to Cracking

Fast maturing and good for steaming.


About Sweet Potatoes:

 Sweet Potatoes are a great source of high yield produce, with each plant (cutting) if looked after producing a minimum of 3 to 4 large tubers. With the main tuber continuing to grow shoots many plants can be acquired.

A perennial root that can continue to grow for years if not affected by frosts or by pulling out and will still produce tubers although they may not retain the best of quality.

 Red tubers have a higher vitamin A content and you can also eat the shoots and leaves(like spinach).

Also Good weed choker.


 Nodes on the cutting when planted will produce roots in 30 days then bulking in 60 days then harvesting in 120 days. When older leaves start turning yellow this is a indication of the tubers starting to form. Newly planted shoots must be watered daily for at least 5 days do not drown just keep moist.



Seaweed extract, Sulfate of Potash and Woodash compost. A fertilizer that is NOT high in nitrogen

Fertilize soil before planting tuber and again when tuber produces shoots, also the replanted shoots to help nourish the new forming tubers.



When planting the area should be frost free for at least 5 months

Mild Temperate (Coastal NSW) Plant Sept to Nov


Soil: For the shoots

Sweet Potatoes prefer Sandy Loamy soils with a PH between 5.3 – 6.7

Heaps of space and friable (loose) soil, as compact soil will disfigure and hinder growth

Build up mounds or ridges or even place in pots or raised beds with good soil/potting mix.


Plant: Using a good quality potting mix and a large black pot

Plant tubers at a depth of 7cm and in a warm sunny sheltered position free from frost.

After a few weeks shoots will appear, when they are at least 30cm long cut off at 25mm above ground. .

Remove all leaves but a few at the tip

Cover at least three nodes with soil

You can space shoots at 30cm apart and if in rows 3-4 feet between rows.

Cut a few shoots and plant every few weeks to obtain longer harvest


Several ways to plant cuttings:

Vertical: As most general things are straight up and down (recommended for Victorian domestic use)

Flat: Lying the cutting horizontally and covering with soil but not the tip leaves



Average harvest is 120 days from planting, you do not have to wait for the vine to die back to harvest

Scratch around to check growth underground. You can dig the larger tubers and then can leave smaller to grow and also if not needed can leave in ground a little longer.

Good indications that it’s time are Shoots are thicker at base and when top leaves are turning yellow.



Dig up on a sunny day and expose to sun for several hours. Warm dry place to dry & heal wounds.

They can store up to Seven weeks



Little leaf Disease: Poor foliage growth small & yellow & tubers are thin and fibrous

Feathery Mottle Virus: Purple foliage on older leaves, Yellow leaf spot and twisted roots

Tuber Rot: To wet, poor drainage

Weevil (Cylas Formicarius): The White flesh tubers are more tolerant to weevils, the orange is more susceptible. Hilling helps to deter


Crop Rotation:

Plant Green Manure Crop after your harvest and then other green leafy vegetables for at least three seasons before planting sweet potatoes back in the same spot.