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Tulip Princess Pink (Tulipa Hybrid) x25

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If you’re looking for the one bulb that just oozes the idea of spring then look no further than the humble tulip. Weather grown in the ground or in pots the tulips graceful simplicity is a must for anyspring garden.

POSITION: Full sun to part shade, if you live in warmer areas of Australia a part shade position is better. Protect from strong winds.

SOIL: Tulips like growing in cool well drained soil that had blood and bone or complete fertiliser dug in about one month earlier, they like to be moist but not wet. If you live in warmer areas of Australia then cover the bed with mulch to keep the soil cooler.

PLANTING: Tulip bulbs can be planted from the end of April into May, at a depth and width of 10 – 15cm, if planting in a pot bulbs may be planted closer together and with at a depth of at least 5cm from the tip of the bulb. If you live in an area of Australia that doesn’t get cold winters then pre chilling the bulbs in the crisper of your fridge 4-8 weeks prior to planting is advisable, (Note; store tulips in a fridge that does not have fruit and vegetables stored, as some fruit produce an Ethylene gas that can kill the flower buds inside the bulb.)

WATER: Water the bulbs in well, when the leaves appear water every 7 – 10 days depending on weather conditions.

FERTILISING: Along with good soil preparation Tulips respond to a liquid feed when the flower buds are forming and another when the flowers are fading.

AFTER FLOWERING CARE: Tulips should be lifted out of the ground when the foliage turns yellow and stored in a dark cool well ventilated position until planting or refrigeration.

PEST AND DISEASE: Tulips may be attacked by Aphids in the bulb and leaf stage so dusting the bulb with an insecticide will help, a spray for aphids may be needed at the leaf stage. Snails also love Tulips so be vigilant. Keep your eye out for Botrytis a fungus that can attack tulips, see your local garden centre for an appropriate fungicide.