Elderberry sambucus nigra


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1 x bare rooted elderberry

Elderberries are small, dark berries that grow in clusters on Elder trees (also called Elderberry bushes).

Elderberry bushes are a hardy plant growing native in many climates, often in the moist soil along roadsides and streams.

They’re fast-growing and typically grow quite large and full, with compound leaves and tightly clustered bunches of tiny white flowers in late spring, followed by clusters of berries in late summer.

The berries are a favorite of wildlife (especially birds) and are said to have many health benefits for humans too.

The ripe berries, cleaned and then cooked, can be made into many things: extracts, syrups, pies, jams, or used as garnish, dye or flavoring.

The leaves, twigs, stems, roots and unripe berries of all Elderberry plants are not edible, and contain toxins that can make a person quite sick. Ripe berries and flowers only!

Elderberries are also another good source of the great Anthocyanin. (The powerful antioxidants that are

responsible for giving many red and purple fruits their colour that we keep hearing about

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