Marigold Crackerjack Mixed


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Marigold Crackerjack Mixed
Crackerjack tagetes erecta
Contains 200 seeds

The African marigold is one of the showiest summer flowering
annuals and will produce and hold its flowers over a long period
even under adverse conditions. It grows up to 90cm tall.
This particular variety is very hardy and can be relied upon to
produce its flowers in mixed autumn tones over many months
during summer and autumn.
Sow seed in boxes or open ground. Prick off seedlings as soon as
large enough to handle into boxes 3-4cm apart, gradually harden
off and then transplant them to 30-40cm apart in a not too rich soil.
Cultivate regularly to control weeds and feed fortnightly with
applications of sulphate of potash fertiliser when first flower buds

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