Nasturtium Gleam Trailing


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Nasturtium Gleam Trailing
F1 Hybrid
Tropaeolum majus
contains 3g seed

One of the easiest annual plants to grow from seed the
Nasturtiums or Indian Cress as they are also known, will adapt to
a wide range of conditions and will succeed where other plants
will fail. They are useful in window-boxes and hanging baskets.
Vines will run 1.2 meters and can be cut back if to invasive.
Sow seeds approximately 1cm deep where they are to remain
but avoiding situations in shade as this will tend to encourage
leaf production at the expense of flowers.
As the Gleam hybrid is a running type it will quickly become a
ground cover and will climb on fences or trellis but if space is
limited the runners can be cut back at any time as a method
of control. The leaves have a distinctive smell and are very acid
to the taste but are considered a delicacy in some continental
countries where they are eaten with bread and butter.

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