Iceland Poppy: Artists Glory


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Iceland Poppy: Artists Glory
papaver nudicaule
contains 1000 seeds

A very popular winter and spring flowering annual with large
flowers borne on long stems. It is ideal for a bedding display or
as a cut flower.
The garden bed must be in a sunny position and, as poppies
are extremely gross feeders, they require a rich well-drained soil
containing large amounts of well rotted animal manure.
Sow seed carefully in a box or seed bed with a light covering of soil.
Do not allow seed bed to dry out during hot weather even if it means
covering with hessian or similar material. As the young seedlings
have a tap root it is advisable to pick them off into punnets or boxes
as soon as they are large enough. This will break the tap root and
cause the little plant to develop a fibrous root system.
Plant out seedlings in rows 25cm apart and feed with a liquid
fertiliser every two or three weeks.

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