Sweet Pea Knee High


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Sweet Pea Knee High
(Semi Dwarf) Lathrus odoratus
Contains 3g seeds

A bright and colourful semi dwarf variety of the popular
sweet-scented sweet pea. Flowers are produced on plants
which grow to 70cm high. Best results are obtained with
support, either low trellis or wire or string.
Plant in a position which will be warm in Winter in soil
prepared by digging in compost and top dressing with lime.
Sow seed direct into garden bed 10cm apart and
1cm deep. Can also be raised in a seed-box and then
transplanted when 10cm high.
Care must be taken to ensure that only fertilizers containing
potash and phosphorus - not nitrogen - are used during the
growing period. CAUTION: Can be harmful if eaten.

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