Snake Bean Climbing (Vigna sesquipedalis)


Product Info

Snake Bean Climbing 80 seeds

Also called Yard Long or Asparagus Beans because the light green
rounded pods have an asparagus like taste. They are pencil thin and
can grow to 5Ocm or more long and are highly valued in all hot
climates. The actual plants will grow up to 2 metres or more high
and in southern districts will require a trellis or fence sited on a north
facing fence or wall. Soil should be prepared by digging-in stable
manure and/or compost before applying a dressing of a general
purpose fertilizer at a rate of 20g per square metre. Sow seed along
a trellis or some supporting frame in a row or use tripod frames,
planting 2 seeds at the base of each leg. They will require copious
amounts of water to encourage healthy growth and will benefit from
applications of a liquid fertilizer every 2 or 3 weeks. For best results,
harvest when young and tender.

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