Beetroot Crimson Globe


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Beetroot Crimson Globe 2.5 GRAMS seeds
"Beta vulgaris"


An excellent round variety, its fine texture makes it ideal as a salad vegetable and also preserves well. It will grow readily in most soils but best results will be achieved in well-limed and well-drained soil which has been manured for a previous leaf crop.
Prepare for sowing by working soil to a seed-bed texture and applying a dressing of a complete fertilizer at 25g per square metre evenly over the bed before sowing.
As the rough brown ‘seeds’ of beetroot are actually dried fruits containing a number of small seeds, sow thinly in drill and then thin out the surplus to give a spacing 7.5cm apart. Beetroot will respond to a side-dressing of a complete fertilizer when the roots commence to swell.

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