Cabbage Red Acre


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Red cabbage: Red Acre (Brassica Oleracea)
Contains 1 gram seeds seeds


This early round head cabbage is easily grown and versatileThis early round head cabbage is easily grown and versatilein use. Heads weight 1.6-1.8kg, 15 to 18cm in diameter oncompact plants. Its firm, medium red head is excellent cookedor raw in stews and salads.They will grow in a wide range of conditions but must havesoil enriched with stable or poultry manure for best results. Thegarden should be located in an open, sunny and well drainedposition. As cabbages prefer soil which is only slightly acidapply a dressing of lime at a rate of 120g per square metre.An application of Sulphate of Ammonia as a side dressingwhen they commence to form heads will be beneficial.Dust regularly with Derris or Cabbage dust to control White CabbageButterfly and aphids.


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