Paris Market Carrot


Product Info

Paris Market carrot,
Daucus carota ssp sativa
contains 1g seeds

An ideal crop for small gardens or growing in containers. Like
all carrot varieties they require a friable soil. Immediately prior to
sowing, a base dressing of a complete fertilizer should be worked
into the soil at a rate of 100 to 120 grams per square metre. Sow
seed in drills and cover surface lightly with finely sieved compost
to prevent drying out.
Initially, thin out seedlings to about 1.5 to 2cm apart when large
enough to handle then a further reduction of every alternate one.
Watering is extremely important. After the seed has germinated
restrict the amount of water applied for the first 4 weeks then,
once the young carrots have begun to form, revert to regular, deep

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