Cucumber Long Green


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Cucumber Long Green contains 2.5 grams
"Cucumis sativa"

Contains 2.5 grams of seed

 A high yielding variety with 15cm long fruit.
They should always be grown in the open in direct sun with plenty of room to spread. As cucumbers are gross feeders, soil should be prepared by digging-in stable manure before applying a complete purpose Fertilizer at the rate of 50 grams per square metre.
The most successful way to grow cucumbers is on small raised hills, with 4 seeds to each hill. Allow all 4 seedlings to grow if healthy. When each plant has produced 3 or 4 leaves, the growing tip should be pinched out to make plants bushy.
They require copious amounts of water to encourage healthy growth and fruits should be picked as soon as they are large enough to eat.

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