Lebanese Cucumber


Product Info

Lebanese Cucumber 1 gram
"Cucumis sativus"

Contains 1gram of seed


A smooth-skinned variety which will bear many 15cm long fruits under good growing conditions.
Cucumbers can be grown in most areas of Australia but are particularly suited to warmer and tropical areas where they can be grown all year round. In cooler districts it will be necessary to wait until the danger of frosts has passed.
The best way to grow cucumbers is to create raised hills about 1m apart by digging in copious amounts of compost and stable manure and applying a dressing of complete fertiliser at a rate of 60g to each hill. Place 4 seeds on each hill and when the resulting seedlings have 3 or 4 leaves nip out the growing top of each leader to make the plants more bushy.
Water plants by forming a saucer in each hill rather than using over-head sprinklers.

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