Kohl Rabi early Purple


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Kohl Rabi Early Purple Brassica oleracea
1 gram seeds

A quick growing vegetable of the cabbage family which producesA quick growing vegetable of the cabbage family which producesa rounded above-ground stem with the flavour of mild turnip. Boththe tops (leaves) and the stem can be harvested and eaten.Soil requirements are similar to cabbage except that on noaccount should fresh stable manure be used.Kohl Rabi seedlings do not transplant readily so must be thinnedout to about 15 cm apart. During the growing season the plantsmust not be allowed to dry out otherwise they can becomewoody.An application of liquid fertiliser 3 to 4 weeks after thinning out willkeep the plants moving along. Harvested when about the size of atennis ball it is a particularly sweet and tender vegetable

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