Leek Elephant


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Leek elephant (Allium porrum) 1 gram seed

A useful winter vegetable, this hardy member of the onion family is
grown for its long white and thick stems and sligtly rounded bases.
Prepare soil with plenty of organic matter such as animal manure,
compost and a dressing of a complete fertiliser applied at a rate
of 30 g per square metre.
Sow seed in a bed or box and transplant seedlings 6-8 weeks after
sowing when 15-20 cm high.
Set the plants 15 cm apart with 20 cm between the rows. A
popular method is to make 4 cm diameter holes 10-15 cm deep,
placing the young plants in the bottom of the holes then settling
them in by watering without putting in soil at this stage.
Eventually ‘hill’ up the soil around the plants as they grow to
encourage blanching of the stems. Keep growing plants well
weeded and watered while a side-dressing of nitrogenous fertiliser
every 3-4 weeks after transfer will help to increase the size.

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