Okra Clemson spineless


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Okra: Clemson Spineless (abelmoschus esculentus) 50 seeds

contains 50 seeds
Okra is a highly nutritious fibrous vegetable containing very few
calories. It is eaten as a vegetable, either steamed or fried, and
is widely used for thickening stews, or can be pickled as per
cucumbers. The leaves can be used in salads.
Okra is grown under the same conditions as capsicums.
In cooler areas the seed should be germinated under glass. To
quicken germination soak the seed in water overnight.
It grows best in full sun in well drained, rich soil, with ample
compost. Several side dressings of fertilizer is suggested both
during the growing and harvesting periods. It tolerates hot
weather. Constant watering will enhance the crop.

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