Red Emperor Onion


Product Info

Red Emperor F1 Hybrid
allium cepa
contains 100 seeds

A Vigorous variety growing to 6 to 9cm. It has a flattened globe shaped
onion and an excellent storer. It has a vivid red skin and internal colour.
Select a site in an open sunny and windy position and prepare this soil
by digging in well-rotted manure and/or compost and top dressing with
lime to bring the pH up to 6.5–7 up to three months before sowing seed.
Before sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings apply a general purpose
fertilizer and rake it in. This preparation should ensure no additional
fertilizing will be required. Fertilizers high in nitrogen must be avoided.
Seeds can be sown thinly, directly into drills to a depth of 6mm or in
a prepared seed bed then transplanted, when 10–15cm high. Regular
cultivation to control weeds is essential and it will be necessary to hand
weed between plants in the rows.

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