Spring Onion Siberia Tape


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Spring Onion Siberia Tape
Allium cepa
contains 5m of tape

An attractive spring onion with good colour. Does not bulb and can be grownAn attractive spring onion with good colour. Does not bulb and can be grownall year.Select a site in an open sunny and windy position and prepare the soil by diggingin well rotted manure and/or compost and top dressing with lime to bring the soilpH up to 6.5-7 three months before sowing seed.Seed Tape planting is a quick and easy way to plant small seeds, at the requiredinterval. The seeds are evenly spaced on water soluble tape.Using a stick or similar object wider than the seed tape, run a furrow 8mm deepthrough the garden bed to the desired length of the seed tape to be planted. (Ifyou intend cutting the seed tape, wrap a piece of cello tape at the desired length,cut through the centre of the tape to keep both ends intact, otherwise the tape willunravel and the seed will be lost). Lay out the seed tape in the furrow, cover with soiland lightly press the soil over the tape. Alternately, you can lay the seed tape out ontop of the prepared garden bed and lightly cover with soil, firming afterwards. Waterin and continue to water daily for first few days to activate germination.

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