Spring Onion Straight leaf


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Spring Onion Straight leaf
Allium cepa
contains 1g seed

An excellent small onion with a delicate flavour most ideal for salads.
They are used when about the thickness of the pencil and for a
continuous supply sowing should be made every four to six weeks.
Select a site in an open sunny and windy position and prepare the
soil by dragging in well rotted manure and/or compost and top
dressing with lime to bring the soil pH up to 6.5-7 three months
before sowing seed.
Before sowing seeds apply a complete fertilizer at a rate of 60
grams per square metre. Fertilizers with a high nitrogen content
should be avoided.
Seeds should be broadcast thinly on the surface of a seed bed and
then covered with 3mm of fine soil. Ensure that young seedlings do
not have to compete with weeds for available fertilizer.

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