Butternut Pumpkin


Product Info

Butternut Pumpkin 25 seeds "Cucurbita moschata"

Contains 25 seeds


A small type pumpkin with an excellent flavour and dry flesh, it is ideal for gardens with a limited growing area.
Choose a site in an open, warm and sunny position and prepare soil by digging compost and animal manure into a 1 metre square to form or hills 1 metre apart.
Apply a light dressing of a complete fertiliser at the rate of 20g per hill and sow 4 seeds to each hill.
Apply plenty of water during the growing season by irrigation rather than over the foliage because overhead watering tends to onset Powdery Mildew particularly toward the end of the growing season. Powdery Mildew can be controlled by spraying with a fungicide as soon as the disease is noticed.

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