Zucchini Blackjack Hybrid


Product Info

Zucchini Blackjack Hybrid
Cucurbita pepo
contains 10 seeds

The zucchini is actually one of the Summer squash (marrow) varieties whichThe zucchini is actually one of the Summer squash (marrow) varieties whichare now mostly bush types. When the dark green fruits are picked small,around 15-20cm long they are called zucchini, when large and full grown,marrow. For best results they should be picked every 2 or 3 days.This Hybrid variety is more productive and quicker to mature than othervarieties.Choose a site in an open warm and sunny position and prepare soil by diggingcompost and animal manure into a 1m square to form a hill or hills 1m apart.Sow 4 seeds to each hill.Apply plenty of water during the growing season by trickle irrigation rather thanover the foliage because overhead watering tends to onset powdery mildewparticularly toward the end of the growing season. Powdery mildew can becontrolled by spraying with a fungicide as soon as the disease is noticed.

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