Stir Fry Mix


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Stir Fry Mix
Brassica raga var rosularis, brassica rapa subsp.
Pekinensis, allium tuberosum, brassica rapa
subsp. Chinensis, brassica juncea
500 seeds

Contains Tatsoi, Chinese Cabbage, Chinese Chives, Green Pak Choi, WhiteContains Tatsoi, Chinese Cabbage, Chinese Chives, Green Pak Choi, WhitePak Choi and Red Mustard.This mixture is a range of vegetables used in stir fries.Before planting, the bed should be well prepared. Lime (if the PH is below 6.5)and apply a complete Fertilizer applied at 30 grams per square metre shouldbe worked in prior to sowing.Sow seed directly into the ground and thin plants to 20cm, or plant into seedraising mix and transplant when plants are 4cm high.Plants are mature from about 60 days after sowing. Pick as required, startingwith the outside leaves, cut 3cm above the ground. This will encourageregrowth.Most of the mixture is susceptible to Cabbage Moth. Dust with Derris Dust ifsigns of Moths appear.

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